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TIPS to record video with your phone


  • Write down what you want to say in bullet points.
  • Put your phone on flight modus, you don’t want t be called during recording.
  • Make sure you have enough memory to record video.
  • Find a quiet spot, to be able to record good sound.
  • Film by daytime, phone camera’s perform better with good lighting.
  • Put the settings of your video high: at least 1080p HD 25 fps
  • Check your battery, video drains your battery.



  • Keep the phone steady. If available, use a selfie stick/holder.
  • Look for a suitable background (no plant sticking out of your head).
  • Don’t film towards the sun or bright light. Better use this light to brighten the subject you are filming (yourself).
  • Don’t zoom in. If needed, use your feet.
  • Wait a few seconds before you start and stop the recording.
  • It’s better to use the front facing camera instead of the selfie camera, because it’s better quality.
  • Look in the lens of the camera on your phone.
  • Inside the house, use extra light for dark skin, a lamp is nicer than
    phone light or pump up the brightness in your phone.
  • Composition: keep the camera a bit higher than your eyes. It’s flattering
  • AF = auto focus AE = auto exposure
  • Professional filming app Filmic Pro (US$9.99)


iOS: iMovie (free), Luma Fusion (€33 pj) KineMaster (€5 pm)


  1. FilmoraGo
  2. Adobe Premiere Club
  3. VideoShow
  4. PowerDirector
  5. KineMaster
  6. Quik
  7. VivaVideo
  8. Funimate
  9. Magisto
  10. Moviemaker
  11. Filmigo


SCRAP story development tool I use to prepare:

  • Story — what is it, why am I telling it and who is the audience.
  • Character — who are the interviewees and how will I use them in the
  • Resolution — what is the structure and where will it take the story.
  • Actuality — what actuality will I record and what other elements will I
    need in the edit.
  • Production — what are the logistics for filming and the edit.